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We know the boneyards are filled with midmarket businesses trying to survive, much less thrive. The owner must become an active investor. This book lays out how one veteran financial wizard provides a roadmap for advisors to guide their clients to a desired scale while navigating concentrated risks and creating maximum value.

Stuart A. McCrary, CFA, former Principal
Navigant Economics 


Carl’s book brings a refreshing twist to the valuation discipline. While most equity valuation literature out there focuses on technical and methodological aspects, Carl thinks outside of the box and delves into unique concepts and tools, namely, Governance, Relationships, Risks, and Knowledge (GRRK) and risk Identification, Measurement, Management, and Mitigation (IMMM) that lead to Equity Value Enhancement (EVE). This book is especially useful for valuation professionals who desire to be more than just routine commodity service providers and have a greater calling to become pro-active participants of a holistic advisory team integral to helping companies produce results, reduce operational risk, and leverage on and maximize valuable intangible assets. 

Angela Sadang, MBA, ASA, CFA, Director Financial Advisory Services
Marks Paneth LLP


This new book by Carl Sheeler distills over 30 years of experience delivering superior service and value to clients into a readily-accessible, easy-to-read format.  Sheeler’s book is proof that superior client service is certainly all about analytical talent but also requires more.  Specifically, Sheeler details the fundamentals that all aspiring professional services advisors need to internalize and apply:  hard work, professionalism and relationship building.  Without these critical skills, even the most talented advisor will not gain traction and certainly not as a rainmaker with independent ability to generate business. 

Ray Kolls, Managing Director, former Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Orthofix international NV


Carl Sheeler has given us a refreshing perspective on equity value and how to enhance it.  His comments provide a roadmap for both company owners and their advisers that clearly shows how to arrive at the desired destination – a win/win relationship that improves enterprise value.

Guy Erb, former Managing Director
FTI Consulting


This book is an essential read for astute, risk aware, investors and advisors. It is full of helpful insights on how real value can be created and enhanced over the long-term by professional trustworthy advisors. From a governance perspective, of course you want the best possible advice. This book points you in the right direction.      

Tony Moroney, MBA, former Director, Banking and Mortgages
Grant Thornton UK LLP


Carl Sheeler is the strategic value architect!  A great guide to maximizing value by knowing how to leverage your financial advisers appropriately - and as applicable internationally as it is in the United States.

Brian Lande, former Director of Banking
OSG Outsource Group, Ltd


Carl advocates a holistic view of determining and creating value.  Rather than simply measuring value based on financial statements, his emphasis on “GRRK” encourages looking beyond numbers and challenges advisors to dig through all the aspects of the companies themselves plus the people who run them.  Carl urges that experts ask the proper questions to tease out the factors that impact value and gauge the appropriate risk factors.  He proposes a new standard of involvement.  One where Advisors go the extra mile as part of their normal efforts and owners reciprocate with increased involvement.

Keith Mendes, CFA, former Senior Managing Consultant

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