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After you read Carl’s book, you’ll never look at running a business, a family, or any other organization the same. “Equity Value Enhancement” treads fearlessly through terrain other books scarcely acknowledge— and delivers applicable results of substance!

John A. House, ChFC, President& CEO
MasterTech Financial Advisors, Inc.

Dr. Sheeler's extraordinary and original treatment of this important subject gives the reader rich contemporary tools for immediate use. It is proof of the admonition, "None of us is as smart as all of us".

David S. Meshulam CLU, ChFC, CASL
Meshulam Financial


Carl Sheeler has been able to create a master piece that is a must read for any business owner and / or professional advisors. In his holistic approach, Carl has succeeded in creating a book that talks to business owners and advisors as one and not separate them.  This ability to look at the big picture for all parties at the same time is crucial and should prove beneficial for all those that are involved in a business or in the professional services industry

Ronen Schwartzman, Founder & Chief Investment Officer
Ten Capital Advisors LLC


While many of our billionaire family clients are seen as cheap by those who try to sell them on their fund management or independent sponsor type fee models, a top theme I’ve picked up on lately is their ability to pay top dollar for what they perceive as value when it comes to talent, access, information, or opportunities. Carl’s book points out correctly that those who understand the true sources of their value which can then be used to better understand your business’s value or the value you can bring to a relationship strategically yourself as a professional.  These value structures and models are how the future of the family office industry, particularly the single family office will operate, and it is the best way to add value to clients and your own team.  In our holding company and in two of the single family offices I help run, the blueprints of value machines themselves are worth millions of dollars, and can be leveraged in many different industries or asset classes.  While most books on the industry focus on industry statistics or outdated stressing of fee-only models, no other publication dives into the structures that drive value creation for ultra-wealthy families like this text does.  In fact when you first start reading the book you will realize it speaks to professionals who are operating on another level in the space.  I have hired Carl to speak at our most private and exclusive events for single family offices and $100M+ families and if you read this book you will see exactly why and be glad you spent the time doing so. 

Richard C. Wilson is the bestselling author of The Single Family Office: Creating, Operating, and Managing Investments of a Single Family Office
Wilson Holding Company


Mr. Sheeler's analysis and portrayal of actual risk mitigation and its integration into firms and into each enterprises functional areas is spot on and refreshing.  Nuggets of information; I am one of those nuggets in my industry.  Seek the knowledge of close advisors, the nuggets, are at times the most valuable bits of information that you will not obtain out of technological vacuum of 'data'.  Mr. Steeler's insights should be read and incorporated into any risk management program regardless of industry.

Laurie E. Dragel, CFO
Private Wealth


Carl both reinforced and challenged my approach to growing our boutique advanced life insurance planning firm.  “GRRK™” is a crucial concept and approach to understanding how “advisors” can differentiate themselves from competitors by becoming “trusted advisors”. It’s not all about our technical prowess. Greater success comes from developing deep relationships with clients and other COI’s in our networks that allows us to become the “consigliore”, “the most trusted advisor” in every relationship. Mastering this will center you as the “hub” of the connector wheel, allowing you to move past selling your services and move to leveraging your human capital creating win/win opportunities for all stake holders involved. 

Clifford C Keeling, Partner, Business Development
Wealth and Legacy Group


Leave it to Dr. Carl Sheeler, master business valuation specialist, known widely for his in-depth, detailed and accurate no-nonsense appraisals, to add the here-to-fore immeasurable value of both human capital and relationships to the mix.  In his characteristically irrefutable style, his latest book, Equity Value Enhancement also reveals a path for the pragmatic application of the fundamental principles supporting his thesis.

James F. (Buddy) Thomas, CFP, CLU, ChFC, Founder and Chief Planning Officer
Superior Planning, Inc


Maximum valuation is best recognized from a variety of perspectives.  All companies and managers have strengths and weaknesses.  Leveraging the expertise of advisors with different perspectives can quickly identify areas for improvement and long term value enhancement.

Many companies offer excellent products and services.  The companies that distinguish themselves, and create the greatest long-term value, recognize the importance of leveraging all assets of the firm, tangible and intangible, from a variety of perspectives.

Companies which drive maximum value analyze themselves from a variety of internal and external perspectives.  Long term value enhancement is created by a process that governs and aligns the tangible and intangible assets of an organization.

Gregory E. Crawford, TEP, President
Alliance Trust Company


In this amazing book, Carl reveals the value creation secrets for the eco-system of wealth. This book is a must read for all advisors and high net worth families who are interested in building and preserving a sustainable legacy.

Enzo Calamo, CEO
Lugen Family Office Inc.


As concierge advisors for a Multi-Family Office, Carl’s book succinctly provides holistic advisers with the blueprint to bring together an elite team/cadre approach that propels the successful entrepreneur by wrapping them with a village of success-driven individuals that can act as one!

Entrepreneurs love what they do and are excellent at it, but don’t know what they don’t know.  Being holistic advocates for our clients and wrapping them with individuals/organizations that provide them with the trusted advisor network from years of blended experience, it no longer service, it is now relationships that surpass time.

Rod Uy, CEO/President
LifePoint Wealth Management, Inc.


This book really builds a foundation and then encourages the reader to build on it in a way that has never been explored. A book like this should be read by anyone involved in business to better understand not only their value, but the companies value. A shift in the approach to valuation will be a critical piece of moving business forward in the 21st century.

Andrew Kernosky
Omni Financial

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