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Equity Value Enhancement is highly recommended for professionals trying to grow their practice. As Carl aptly states, you don't have to know it all, but show your worth to clients by helping them using the knowledge in other relationships you have developed.  The relationships you have are what will help you succeed, possibly more than the technical skills. Carl provides guidance on how to increase your value to clients, which is quantified by more than dollars.

Stacey D. Udell, Partner
Gold Gerstein Group LLC


Never before have I used the words "valuation" and "radical" in the same sentence.  Given the dynamic transformations taking place in the financial professions, advisors who wish to be relevant well into the future understand that they must surround themselves with trusted and wise collaborators who focus on human capital and relationships and risk management, not just standard financial metrics.  Elvis was called "radical" in the 1950's, yet his music still lives today, and this book will show you how to become relevant and to stay that way for decades to come!

Richard Muscio, CPA
Accountant and Best-Selling Author


As a CPA, Carl’s claim that business valuation should create value instead of merely being a piece of paper to be stuffed in a folder resonates deeply. In an easy manner that pulls no punches, he challenges CPAs, attorneys, and investment bankers to be the trusted advisors our clients want and need. Great read!

Melody S. Thornton, CPA


One of Mr. Sheeler’s objectives in Equity Value Enhancement is to challenge appraisers to think differently about their purpose, actions, and outcomes.  He integrates several schools of thought in the process, from technical concepts to a more holistic focus on serving in a ‘trusted advisor’ capacity.  It is evident in the specificity of his content—born from decades of experience and thousands of projects—that he has, in fact, achieved this objective.  This book is a compelling wake up call for our profession.

Brent Uken, CFA ASA, Principal, Transaction Advisory Services
Ernst & Young


The author’s experience is apparent in this educational yet delightful guide loaded with real-world examples, common scenarios, useful lists, and practical suggestions.  A comprehensive manual that is appropriate for a variety of audiences, from new or established business owners to a wide assortment of advisors.  A motivating book that provides readers with appropriate foundation about valuation, value creation, governance, and risk and then builds upon that foundation with instruction and in-depth analysis.

Jennifer Hull, former Senior Director
FTI Consulting


This book gets to the core issues of value creation.  Carl has done a great job of bringing years of experience to the fingertips of many stakeholders in business, in a practical non-jargon approach.  This is not a technical valuation how-to book…this a valuation and value creation perspective shifting resource.

Michael A. Fahlman, CPA, CFF, CIRA, former Partner
Grant Thornton, LLP


In Equity Value Enhancement, Carl explains how value is created and how it can be multiplied. He breaks down and simplifies complex factors such as governance, relationships, financial structures, risks and strategy. His years of experience and academic training create insightful guidance which enlighten business owners and their advisors.

Stephen D. Kirkland, CPA, CFF, CMC, CFC


Carl Sheeler drives his message loud and clear in Equity Valuation.  It's not enough to be good in today's world, it's about perfecting your A game and being a true concierge to your customers.

Shirley E.M. Nakawatase, CPA
Nakawatase & Kaminsky, CPAs


In this amazing book, Carl reveals the value creation secrets for the eco-system of wealth. This book is a must read for all advisors and high net worth families who are interested in building and preserving a sustainable legacy.

Enzo Calamo, CEO
Lugen Family Office Inc.


As concierge advisors for a Multi-Family Office, Carl’s book succinctly provides holistic advisers with the blueprint to bring together an elite team/cadre approach that propels the successful entrepreneur by wrapping them with a village of success-driven individuals that can act as one!

Entrepreneurs love what they do and are excellent at it, but don’t know what they don’t know.  Being holistic advocates for our clients and wrapping them with individuals/organizations that provide them with the trusted advisor network from years of blended experience, it no longer service, it is now relationships that surpass time.

Rod Uy, CEO/President
LifePoint Wealth Management, Inc.


This book really builds a foundation and then encourages the reader to build on it in a way that has never been explored. A book like this should be read by anyone involved in business to better understand not only their value, but the companies value. A shift in the approach to valuation will be a critical piece of moving business forward in the 21st century.

Andrew Kernosky
Omni Financial


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