Dr. Carl Sheeler Cracks Elusive Value Creation Code and Shares Its Secrets in Just Released "Equity Value Enhancement" Book


LOS ANGELES, Dec. 29, 2015 -- Dr. Carl Sheeler, Managing Director at Berkeley Research Group, has recently completed an in-depth exploration of how to identify, measure and maximize the value of human capital (intangible assets). "Equity Value Enhancement" speaks to founders, boards and C-suite executives of private and public companies. Private equity managers, investors and advisors can also benefit from the practical knowledge expressed in the book. Published by John Wiley & Sons, "Equity Value Enhancement" is available today at Amazon.

"This book endeavors to address why affluent ($25+ million) entrepreneurs are able to continue to attain greater wealth through concentrated risk," explains Dr. Sheeler, "and why focus on lowering risk and increasing equity value more than traditional financial statement measures may provide greater competitive advantage. Simply, the wealthy through numerous high-quality relationships have access to more and better knowledge. Having a business culture that embraces 'knowledge is power' creates differentiated value that's difficult to replicate."

For Dr. Sheeler, part of the motivation behind researching and writing "Equity Value Enhancement" came from realizing that professionals and entrepreneurs often unwittingly commoditize their offerings and leave considerable sums of money on the table by failing to adequately examine the top challenges they and clients face. He advances the notion that mastery of Governance, Relationships, Risk and Knowledge (GRRK) is essential to value creation. Likewise, Dr. Sheeler asserts that minimizing risk is the key to freeing up time and resources, as well as leveraging and aligning human and financial capital toward common goals.

Dr. Sheeler brings a quarter century of experience to value creation and challenges others by asking a simple question that's tough to answer:  "Are you providing the equivalent of $10,000 an hour in value?" He was recently named a top finalist for the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisers (AM&AA) 2015 Middle Market Thought Leader of the Year Award. This award honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the middle market M&A profession.

During his career, Dr. Sheeler has been engaged in advising over 1,200 public and private companies from a range of industries. His purpose with each of these engagements falls under the heading of one or more of what he calls the "6Ts": tax, transfer, transaction, transition, transformation and trouble – in other words, planned or unplanned disruptions.

"Equity Value Enhancement" addresses every component of business valuation from both the perspectives of the stakeholders and valuation professionals. Early reviews of the book from entrepreneurs, executives, academics and allied professionals have been highly laudatory.

"Whether a first time entrepreneur or a seasoned business veteran, Dr. Sheeler has provided an essential text for understanding valuation," says Ericka Harney, Executive Director of Accounting & Financial Women's Alliance in Lexington, Kentucky. "Touching on all key factors of business valuation, he provides a multi-faceted view – bringing in all necessary components from finance and management, to operations and governance, among many others. Dr. Sheeler's work in 'Equity Value Enhancement' is a necessary addition to any business professional's bookshelf because of its practicality and usability."

Peter J. Butler, Principal at Valtrend LLC, remarks, "'Equity Value Enhancement' will likely create a new acronym, ('EVE'), for both business owners and their advisors to consider so both mutually benefit. Dr. Sheeler has written the go-to book for business owners and their trusted advisors to deepen their relationship, challenge existing paradigms and move outside their comfort zones – all with the goal of increasing the value of both the client's and the advisor's businesses." 

Proceeds from the sale of "Equity Value Enhancement" book will be donated to Two Bears Ranch, a nonprofit organization helping military veterans with combat PTSD heal through canine and equine therapy. Founded by Dr. Sheeler and his wife, Two Bears Ranch is a powerful way for him to move "from success to significance," which he argues should be among the driving motivations behind professional, personal and philanthropic growth.


Carl Sheeler, PhD, ASA brings wisdom gained from his 25 years of strategic planning, governance, business
operations, finance and advanced analytics experiences to bring clarity to complex risk identification, measurement, management, and mitigation issues faced by family offices and businesses.  
He is the author of the John Wiley & Sons book titled Equity Valuation Enhancement, a treatise which addresses scaling 8- to 10-figure companies and has presented or published 200+ times for entities such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the American Bar Association, the Federal Bar Association and other organizations on value, strategy and governance.  He can be reached at carl@carlsheeler.com or 424-253-0110