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Why do innovative companies fail to meet their growth objectives?  How do generations of equity vanish from successful family businesses? Why do so many acquisitions fail to create the value outlined in the terms of the plan? With Equity Value Enhancement: A Tool to Enhance Value and Mitigate Risk Carl Sheeler has provided a much needed, holistic perspective on risk mitigation, and value growth and preservation. Sheeler brings to bear decades of expert multidisciplinary experience on the concerns of investors, business owners, and valuators. Understanding both the human and financial capital needs of companies is the key to realizing true value, and Sheeler is uniquely qualified to demonstrate clearly the benefits and the pitfalls of insufficient or incomplete valuation processes. Sheeler’s techniques are astute both emotionally and financially; Equity Value Enhancement is as compelling and enlightening, as it is authoritative.

Bill Williams, Regional Sales Manager, U.S. Service Provider
Cisco Systems


This isn’t just another book to stick on the shelf - it is a tool to be utilized.   Carl has taken complex concepts and transformed them into accessible, actionable recommendations. What Carl refers to as “technical myopia” costs business owner clients vast amounts of money each year, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  With the largest transition of generational wealth well under way, Carl’s approach to Equity Value Enhancement is a must read for advisors and business owner’s alike.      

Allie Harding, Partner
Orange Kiwi, LLC &


Finally! A truly knowledgeable, experienced professional advisor has successfully bridged the gap by identifying quantitative and qualitative sources of risk that impact business equity value.  When times are good, both business owners and their trusted advisors often overlook the myriad of risks to future operations and effective value enhancement. This terrific book takes a huge step forward by systematically coupling risk management methodology with the value creation process.

Richard Mowrey, President
Management Services & Development, Ltd.


Dr. Sheeler's Equity Valuation should be a wakeup call for business owners, large corporations and the people who provide a wide range of services to these firms.  Sheeler sheds light on the tangible and intangible drivers of business value. His perspective is valuable for both business owners and their advisors. His approach to explaining the many ways business value is misunderstood and miscalculated is insightful and important. He does an exemplary job of establishing a foundation of understanding about the tangible and intangible drivers of business value and then providing the "how-to" approach to accessing and optimizing the benefits of a strong advisory team. The book also clearly articulates the sources of value creation for advisors. For a diverse range of service provides, he trumpets the criticality of differentiating themselves by going beyond their technical expertise to offer valuable perspective and advice, founded on understanding, that can help owners enhance business value. Equity Value offers vital insight and offers an indispensable learning tool for all business leaders and the professionals who service them.

Carol E. Robbins, Executive Business Driver & Digitally Savvy Brand Builder


Carl has a clear and concise manner of presenting the complexity of contributing factors and the calculations of valuation which can make leadership decision making simple and decisive. Whether valuing your own company, advising on an acquisition or creating growth strategies in the boardroom, his knowledge is conveyed in such a manner as to ensure appropriate data is available and comparative metrics are understood with ease. Unique and valuable in his writing is his artful weaving of the new economy's increasing focus on intangible values, i.e. relationship capital assets, and their multiplier effect on company risks and valuation. Applying his broadly inclusive approach is sure to increase value and deliver competitive advantage in the market.

In chapter 2, Carl shares his insights into the art of being a "connector" and a rain maker. The compounding of client relationship value differentiates those professional service firms with an ever-expanding book of business and who are referred by client after client from their contemporaries, who are simply treading water fighting attrition. This is the essence of networking personified. Those destined to become titans in their respective fields, beyond technical superiority, invest in delivering the relationship-building customer value beyond the fee that Carl espouses.

Robert D. Watkins
Global Internet Entrepreneur


For the business owner and adviser, Carl Sheeler's book is the key to understanding the needs and opportunities for collaboration.  From the beginning, a business must be prepared for success and, on a continually evolving basis, clearly communicate where they want to go.  In order to do this, the business owner must understand how to use his/jer staff and subject matter experts to achieve that desired end state.  Carl Sheeler's book is a useful and enduring guide for creating this process.

David Kubista, President
Helimeds Inc.


Equity Value Enhancement by Carl L. Sheeler is a book that makes a difference. Unaware to many, we find ourselves in a period that is best described as a new renaissance, similar to the previous renaissance in its dark and bright sides. We navigate into the new worlds and space; we communicate with new "printing" tools, the Internet, computers and mobile communications and so on. The renaissance was also an age in which an economic thinking and way of life emerged. Our banks and monetary systems, including established views on cost and value, there have their roots. It is clear that a new renaissance requires a new view of value - where value goes beyond pecuniary numbers and includes transactions and relations, not only professional but also political, social, emotional and more. But how do we translate the values of our new renaissance into numbers that still run the world? This is where this brilliant book finds its niche. Based on the author's solid experience, it shows, with practical advice and recommendations, how the reader best can determine value, in particular taking risks into account. As such, it carries the spirit of all renaissances, where practical experience provided the foundations for action, advice, and theory.

Regis Cabral, author of The Cabral Dahab Science Park Management Paradigm
Regis Cabral - Sweden


The book shows the multiple touch points in today's business world and how they can better inform one and other on items of interest to each.  As a CPA I truly enjoyed the "Focus on Trusted Adviser" but took so much more away from the "Focus on Business Owner" as this is whom I need to truly understand.

Scott M Adair, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority


Equity Value Enhancement is a must for any business school, private equity firm or investment banking firm worth its salt. Carl takes an esoteric subject, equity valuation, and makes it come alive, in all its facets - well beyond 'the transaction', and carves a path for those who would endeavor to become better at being strategic value architects. His lessons on understanding the differences between value, price, worth and risk are intellectually thought-provoking, motivating, engaging, full of wisdom and fact-based.  Frankly, I wish I'd had his book in hand three years ago. An excellent and well-organized read that you'll take to the bank

Lara Abrams, Managing Member
Lara Abrams Communications, LLC


What Dr. Sheeler has done is bring humanity back to business. He reminds us that value add is not just a business or economic concept; it includes the Golden Rule, being a good listener, and being the best available resource to our clients, as well as to those who may or may not be a potential client. 

The crux of Dr. Sheeler’s message is this: valuation cannot be measured by metrics alone. Treat every business associate, every client, every person requesting your expertise with honesty, caring, and compassion for their unique needs, just as you would treat a cherished family member, and you and your business will flourish.

David B. Vogt, Esq., General Counsel


Dr. Carl Sheeler has masterfully crafted a framework which would allow Business owners and advisers to create Value. Book has a structured road map to Value Creation starting with listing and explaining key competencies & variables required for Equity Value enhancement. Then it sheds light at the interactive relationship of competencies, variables,  risks& alignment; thereafter leading to the development of a Pragmatic Framework and strategy on how to empower owners to be exceptional. Author's sharing of personal experiences make the reading more intriguing. It’s a very unconventional effort which I recommend is a must read

Shabahat Ali, COO
Local IT Solutions


Understanding the foundations of wealth creation and wealth preservation are not as well understood as one might think.  It takes special wisdom and systemic understanding of situations and opportunities to master a meaningful understanding of wealth and all of its many facets.  Dr. Carl Sheeler is an individual who combines both analytic knowledge and practical wisdom.  With this combination, Carl is able to help clients avoid the trap of knowing ‘the price of everything and the value of nothing’, (to quote Oscar Wilde).  Carl’s experience and analytical capabilities are yoked together in ways that yield uncommon value to his clients.  Equity Valuation is a helpful, easily accessible handbook, anchored in good analytics and laced with the author’s good judgment and wisdom.  It is a most helpful read and useful guide.

David Teece | Chairman and Principal Executive Officer
Berkeley Research Group, LLC


It is all too often that traditional methods of equity valuation come up short for entrepreneurs that have invested a lifetime in their businesses.  Dr. Sheeler’s book cuts to the core of the issues that are important to any entrepreneur, often missed or overlooked by the confines of the rigidity that is our investment banking landscape.  I expect his book to become a desk reference for any banker or advisor in the years to come.  

Michael Tew, CEO
Cannasys, Inc.


For some professionals, Sheeler’s “Equity Valuation” is useful information.  As a founder of a company with potentially disruptive technology, it is a guide to building a company that increases value for all shareholders.  Carl has been a “trusted advisor” along the way.  His work in “Equity Valuation” has increased his value to us.

Kai W. Adler, President
Blue Wave International, Inc.


This is a book will be front and center on my desk. It’s my guide on how to really add value to a business. Whether you’re a trusted advisor or a management team member, Equity Valuation is a must read. 

Marty McDermut, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
High Tech Company


Exceptional! I wish I had this information when setting up our generational investing plans. What you address goes beyond practical advice to encompass contrarian viewpoints that every advisor and family member should consider. Attention to focusing on the cost-benefit analysis of the provider-client relationship as a key metric is a valuable consideration too often ignored by those who select a provider based simply on a friend’s recommendation. Reading this brought me to the realization that the way to analyze provider-client relationship is not simply by what is offered, but by the value of the provider as a knowledge base on how to preserve and grow equity, from someone with skin in the game, from the very beginning of the provider selection process throughout the length of the relationship.

Bill Townsend, President & Chief Executive Officer
Classic Wrestling Revolution, Inc.

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