What Does Carl Do?

Equity Value Enhancement, Valuation Architect  
What does this really mean?  


The Plan - Find the starting point and determine the direction.

STEP ONE: Benchmark current value of assets held (business et al) 

STEP TWO: Prioritize the elements that are easily and inexpensively modified to the most cumbersome and costly 

Leverage your human capital.

STEP THREE: Identify how each “constituent” (stakeholder) is engaged looking for time and knowledge leverage – make introductions of needed advisors (ibanking/PE)

STEP FOUR: Have a strategy session involved key staff and advisors to achieve alignment and articulation of vision (liquidity/legacy)

Have concurrence on roles and responsibilities and milestones so Bob can have more time working on business growth and risk minimization (diversifying offerings)

Monitoring, measuring, managing and mitigating risk.

Ongoing progress and process reporting and facilitation as agreed (See step #5).


When a client prefers to minimize upfront costs, we can fashion a plan to lower fees in turn for a participation fee (milestones met such as value enhanced – usually expressed as a % - skin in game)